Signs you need a website

7 Signs You Need a New Website for Your Business

Is your business website up to date with modern trends? With ever-evolving user habits and Google search algorithms, businesses must stay on their website to maximize online customer traffic. But how do you know when the time is right for a new site or an update? Consider these 7 signs: The first and oldest domain online— created back in 1985—recently updated its look & feel after over 30 years! If yours could use similar revitalization, now might be the ideal time for a redesign.

Read on to see if they apply to you!

1. You Still Don't Have a Website

Not having a website could be costing your small business in multiple ways. Shockingly, many small businesses in America don't have a website at all. The internet has opened up opportunities to extend customer reach and bring new leads, so you don't want to miss out on this potential growth! Thankfully, modern web design is now more affordable than ever – with the right provider behind it, setting up your domain can take just days. Let technology help open doors for success today - get that website rolling!  You might be surprised by how easy it is to maintain too. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity so that your business isn't left behind!

2. Your Current Website is Ugly or Outdated

Don't be fooled by the idea of not judging a book by its cover - appearances matter regarding your online presence! Your website's primary purpose should be engaging visitors and creating interaction that benefits you. Studies have proven that up to 40% of potential customers will abandon an unattractive or outdated website, so if yours is stuck in 2013 any longer than necessary - make sure you upgrade soon for success!

3. Your Website Is Not Mobile Friendly

The era of mobile-friendly websites is here, and consumers spend more time on their mobile phones than ever. As a business owner, you should ensure that your website can easily adjust to the various screen sizes people use today - from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers. It’s vital for success since nearly 60% of web traffic now comes from small devices such as handheld phones! Fortunately, many contemporary site builders incorporate responsive design technology, making it simple for webpage designers to adapt their content accordingly so users don't miss out on vital information when browsing with smaller screens.

4. You're Not Getting the Results You Expect From Your Site

Your website looks great, and the first impression is on-point, but achieving your desired leads isn't happening. If you're not converting at the rate you want, it could mean navigating through your sales funnel needs more clarity for potential customers. Refresh with specific calls-to-action: this will help guide visitors to take those all-important steps towards becoming a conversion!

5. Business Is Slow, and Sales Are Stagnating

Is your business facing an unexpected stall in growth and stagnating sales? It might be time to re-evaluate the effectiveness of your website. An outdated, poorly optimized site won't attract customers – rather it will push them away. Try enhancing user experience with informative content that covers their pain points and helps establish trust! Investing in a strong web presence is essential for companies looking to reach more potential clients online than ever before.

6. You Have a High Bounce Rate

Are you seeing a high bounce rate on your website? Google Analytics defines this as the percentage of people who visit only one page and then click away. If it's between 56-70% (or higher), visitors are not engaged with what they find, leaving them unsatisfied and uninterested in exploring further. To remedy this issue, upgrade your website, so each interaction provides somewhere for users to go next - giving their experience more relevance and engagement!

7. Your Website Isn't Secure

Your website is like your home - you want to ensure it's secure. Google searches rely on trust, and if yours falls short on security, visitors will perceive it as unsafe. Protect yourself with an SSL certificate, or consider more advanced encryption for extra protection! With these steps, website guests (and search engines) feel safe and sound.

We Build Small Business Websites That Work

Take your business to the next level with a website that works! Our agency specializes in affordable web solutions and small business websites - powerful tools designed to reach more customers, promote products or services, gain credibility among peers, reduce customer service issues, and ultimately increase profits. If you're ready for an upgrade but are worried about navigating content uploads or others finding you online, contact us today – our team of experts will discuss how we can create something tailored specifically to fit your company's needs. Investing in a new website is no longer just another expense: it's high time for success!